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The rental car

The airport where we landed is almost two hours away from where we have to be. So we rented a car for the last part of the journey. This is always exciting. What will it look like? How will it drive? Will our luggage fit in? We didn't spend so much money on it, so we got a small car. We didn't take much with us, so fitting everything in was not a problem. We could mount the tablet pc between the front seats, so the kids were happy. The drive was not too comfortable. That's probably where you feel ...

guidelines asthma treatment

What are the guidelines for asthma treatment these days? You can try the traditional medical treatments, and if that doesn't help then there's always the airsonett treatment. You sleep under a certain device, called the airsonett, which totally clears the breathing area of practically all allergens, with the wonderful result of a perfect sleep and then a perfect next day, without medication. This is a non-invasive, non-medical treatment that will not interfere with daily routines in any way or anything else for that matter. This is the best asthma treatment ever and you can try.

High tech sunglasses

Nowadays when you're laying on the beach in the sun, maybe after taking a short bath. You always see people with sunglasses! You even see people with sunglasses on the street! They have gotten so popular nowadays. But I totally understand that, they do look pretty cool! I myself got a pair of sunglasses which I like to put on sometimes. But I recently heard of something called a optical shutter. It's like automatic sunglasses. They get black when they're it contact with light. Isn't that amazing? Imaging having one of those at the beach!

taking care of our kids

I have to arrange somebody who can take care of my kids for a couple of hours next week. I have a school meeting and my husband is not in Sweden next week. It is too important for me to skip the meeting and I also want to get to know the parents of classmates. I think that is important; especially because all the children are playing together and they also want to have play dates at home. Before I let my kids playing at the house of other kids I want to get to know the parents. School meetings ...